Hiding inline SVG icons from screen readers

Icon fonts are finally being phased out in favour of a technology that’s more fit for purpose: SVG. There are many tutorials and guides that describe different ways in which you can use SVG icons, which is great. I do however see an issue rel...

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15 Facts you should know before recruiting a Professional Web Designer

Professional Web Designer

A professional web designer can be one of the most difficult hires for you. The reason behind its difficulty is that he or she is the person behind the making of your brand’s or companies virtual face. The web designer job is to make you interact with the prospective customers virtually. So, it’s really impor...

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How should be a best designed landing pages look like in 2017

landing page

There are several rules and principles of great designing skills but when it comes to a best design landing page for a website; it is almost an exact science and a definite theory on its backend. It's about customer-centered design or using the design of the existing landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action...

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How should you pitch web design services to small business owners successfully?

web design

It is a crucial task to sell your services as a freelancer or as a small organization which includes web design and development, graphic designing, etc. The problem starts coming when you interact with the people of small towns or small business owners who don’t even see the need of a website for them. It is an extra mile...

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30 Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Web Development Services

ecommerce web development services

Today we will be discussing 30 tips which are the main features to boost your ecommerce web development services for your online store. There are many features that should be integrated into your e-commerce website to increase the sales but it is important for you to focus on some of the major ones initially. 1.    ...

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How To Become A Professional Web Designer In 2017

Professional Web design and development

Professional Web design and development is an exciting and tremendous career option for anyone to go for. It is highly recommended for those people who like to solve problems creatively whether it is turning any simple texts and images into gorgeous looking websites which would be appreciated by the company and the customers would love to browse ...

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Top 6 Key Steps In Choosing PSD To HTML Conversion Company To Work With

PSD to HTML Conversion Company

Choosing an appropriate PSD to HTML Conversion Company is not an easy task. There are numerous choices out there in industry but one has to remain very careful while choosing the provider who should be best with your particular needs and has sound technological skills. Nowadays, there are several free and paid online ready-made software for this ...

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How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with best design WordPress themes

best design WordPress themes

I think keeping a great steady stream of some new potential clients in your business pipeline is the most significant things you can do to enhance your small or medium scale business. Our new clients are just like a fuel for our car- which helps to keep it running smoothly. Going too long without fueling up the car could involve us in several tro...

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5 Incredibly Useful html responsive design Tips for Small Businesses

html responsive design

If you do not have any dedicated and well designed responsive website for your small scale business, then you are in great danger to fall behind the competition. You might build a great fan base on Facebook, sharing small bits of compelling content on Twitter, and posting eye-catching images on Pinterest. But working without any centralized mediu...

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