How The World Celebrated Opening Day Of The New Year 2017

New Year

New Year’s Day, according to the Gregorian calendar it falls on January 1, is one of the most celebrated occasions around the globe. People all around the world celebrate this day with their friends and family often in big gatherings. Be its picnic at the beach or a New Year’s Eve party people have their own way of celebration, but they do welcome the New Year. Mostly around the globe, the celebrations of 1 January is basically the conclusion of the festivities like Christmas and Thanksgiving. As 2016 has ended and we have welcomed 2017 with hopes that it will be better for each and every one of us, many companies use this time as the best period of the year to do their brand promotion.

For those of you who think that celebrating New Year is a modern day tradition and doesn’t have any religious association, you are absolutely wrong. In several parts of the world, the festivity is not non-religious and this particular day has deep spiritual roots.

What The Romans Think Of New Year

What The Romans Think Of New Year

The Romans celebrated with a gala of six days of carousing. It is said that St Boniface, a missionary from England visited Rome in 742 and was appalled at how they celebrated Kalends of January, as the New Year was called then. In fact, there are many historic writings that suggest these celebrations, were quite lavish and were loaded with blasphemy.

New Year For The World…

New Year For The World

But generally, New Year means a start of a fresh year, forgetting all the bad memories, moving ahead and starting things on a positive note. In many parts of the world, people have different ways of welcoming the New Year like some people sell out their old furniture, while some jump into the freezing cold water to emerge out with a clean schedule. Many companies and businesses use this time as the perfect time to do their brand promotion by offering sales and deals to gain some loyal customers.

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How The Ecuador Celebrates New Year

How The Ecuador Celebrates New Year

Like in Ecuador, there is this trend that people make effigies with straws, to represent the events of the previous year known as “Ano Viejo”. They are then burned at midnight, symbolically to get rid of the past. According to English folklore, people must not clean their homes on New Year as it might sweep away all the good luck. And of course, the most romantic tradition of all is a midnight kiss on new coming Year also has an underlying significance and just some filmy ritual. It also means that your relationship will flourish and be happier in the next year.

What The Ancients Thought

According to some ancient cultural beliefs and civilizations,  new coming Year is also a time of re-birth. It is also believed that the days between the New Year and Winter Solstice are magical and anything is possible.

What The Ancients Thought

Whatever the old rituals and belief say, one must consider this Year as a new page in the book of life. A blank page that needs to be filled with events that are worth looking back at. Learn from the past mistakes you made as that is called experience and only that can help you in gaining success in the future. Set new goals and objectives and aim to achieve them. Spend your time with your loved ones and pay no attention to negativity. Enjoy the New Year with positivity and humbleness.


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