What you must know to keep yourself updated on web development technologies in 2017?

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Every other day is preceding towards the advancement of web design and development services. Similarly, in 2017 the world of web development technology will be going to face newest trends and techniques in cutting-edge web technologies daily. It is really important for students and professionals in I.T and web design and development services field to grasp and digest all of the random changes going on in web developing trends.

Today, we are going to share some of the hottest and trendiest technologies these days which you must in order to keep yourself updated with web development technologies in 2017.

IOT – Internet of Things

IOT has really been in demand from some past years and one can say that in fact, it has been a dominating field up till now. It has developed many new mechanisms for connecting devices and incorporating it several functions for automated homes, sensors for temperature control and heat systems, controlling daily routine objects like set timers for lights and fans to turn on as we get back home, setting the A.C temperature according to our preference, controlling cameras, switches, even toasters, etc through installed application in Smartphone, etc.

Internet of Things

Its vast, expanding market has compelled web developers from all around the world to must learn designing of IOT applications which helps to fetch data and moving on towards its display on the device. In 2017, the web developers would work more towards the settling of privacy, security, and reliability of transmitted information by introducing Blockchain Technology.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

The next big thing in web design and development services field is Artificial Intelligence. In past years, it has been developed a lot due to easy access to tools and guidelines. In today’s time Google, Facebook, Samsung, Apple, etc everyone is using AI for their expansion and introducing new function through it. In this year more focus in AI would be towards the development of conversational interfaces such as Google has already made an option for searching queries through speech which has much room for improvement and development.

AI - Artificial Intelligence


Similarly, designers would work more towards making the AI system’s language as much transparent as the natural language by adding different tones, emotional and sentiments phrases, more choice of combined words in order to increase reliability and trust of customers upon their product.

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JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript is not a new programming language for web developers, but what you must know is the Evolution in JavaScript language day-by-day. Due to high need of Responsiveness in websites and applications, JavaScript is an essential need for all the web design and development applications in progress these days. For front-end framework in JavaScript, React and Angular 2 are the most favorite and in demand for learning purpose. Both are mostly preferred for making single page applications in no time with speedy loading and development process.


Similarly, last they also introduced Typescript which is a static language helps in compiling with JavaScript. One of the best parts of learning these web design and     development services technologies is that they are open-source so all of the learning resources and material is easily accessible and any web developer can easily get hands-on experience on it.

Motion UI 

The slideshows and galleries in website designing also changed with the development of web technologies services and eventually replaced the use of static images with the Motion UI. It is a mixture of 2D and 3D motion graphics that makes the perfect balance of unique visual effects on the website. So, no more boring 2D transitional effects and extremely slow loading of flash animated pages.


Motion UI works along with CSS frameworks and exceptional animations strategies to incorporate with libraries of JavaScript animations. In today’s digital marketing boom, clients look for seamless transmission, digital illustrations in videos, innovative icons, and animated documentaries which are only possible through motion UI.

These were some of the trendiest technologies to opt for in 2017. In order to keep updated with these technologies, one must follow some industry’s giant’s tech-geeks and read their blog regularly. Secondly, look for some useful self-learning resources. Listen to some web design and development services technologies podcasts too as it really helps to understand the emerging trends. Lastly, try to attend relevant conferences online or on-site and make some network over there for the long-term.

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