Google Photos Comes Out With New Advance Features For Editing

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It’s not been more than a month since Google updated its (Google photos) application for the android devices and recently the biggest search engine just announced the brand new update is ready for download. So the new updates are regarding some big time improvements related to edits, and for those who want to enjoy  better and advanced editing tools along with auto enhance.

Besides the PhotoScan app which Google has launched a week back on iOS and android, the Photos app also receives so amazing features on both the platforms.

 Google Photos Working Features

Most of these features added by Google will help the users to polish their capture pictures further thanks to all the set of new editing tools.


So what’s all the deal with the new Google photo update, the advance editing features help in controlling the light and color, it will now allow the users to tune their photos, including warmth, highlights, and shadows. Also with the Deep Blue there is an excellent chance for you to able to polish the images of sky and sea where the blue color is highly dominant.

The additional innovation to this google update is the new looks. There are no less than 12 new looks that will help in making editing easy. The new 12 looks make edits for every different photo based on its darkness, brightness, saturation, warmth or before applying the style.

According to Google, these new features are making use of a brand new machine intelligence that can help in making the content presented in the photo look better and chooses an enhancement feature that will theoretically suit your taste.

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Additionally, the new feature introduced in the newest update is improved in auto enhancement. You can now open a new picture, click the pencil icon, start editing, and select Auto.

As soon as you start using this new feature, you should see changes that normally are only possible with pro-editor apps, such as balancing saturation and exposure.

The newest version of google Photos has been rolled out since a week to iOS and Android mobile devices, but it’s possible that it’s still not available to everyone.

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