Google Cloud ’17 has surprises the Cloud Security World

Google cloud

So, you are the customer of Google Cloud Platform or G-Suite. Listen! There is good news for you as Google has recently maximized its security options to the next level.

On Thursday 9th March 2017, the company announced various updates and modifications for their cloud computing system. One of the most highlighting features of their announcements was implementation of newest features in Cloud Platform and G-Suite productivity applications which are more secure than ever before, and improving the overall security of client’s online data and assets.

Some of the features have been completely launched and added while some are still in the beta version. All of the implemented features in Cloud Platform and G-Suite were summarized thoroughly by Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure at Google Cloud named as Urs Hozle; some of the major features are listed as below:

Data Loss Prevention -DLP application

One of the prominent features of this Platform is Application programming for Data Loss Prevention. It is an API that provides the user a platform with a simple and clear way of scanning the sensitive informative and data such as credit card numbers, passwords, associated names and then editing it further for the security purpose.

Data Loss Prevention

It is a very effective system which facilitates the admins to scan more than the 40 types of different sensitive data type in order to identify and edit.

The working methodology revolves around with deep content analysis and writing unique policies for sensitive data management.

This whole system is supported by Google Drive and Gmail as well whereas a whole gallery of GIF photos is installed over there to understand the whole functionality of the system.

Identity-Aware Proxy

A Second most exciting feature of this whole system is the Identity-Aware proxy system that makes you replace the standard access management system of VPN because it has much internal risk factor in it.

So this system allow you to have a high degree of security no matter what location you are in and which users are accessing the Google Cloud Platform, it helps and facilitates in every condition.  It provides you more secure access to application and its relevant controls provided through VPN access.

Identity Aware Proxy

Only the admin can allow access on the basis of user’s identity, group or any other differential group allotted. For security purpose, it is integrated along with the security keys that can prevent from phishing as well.

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The above-mentioned both features are still in beta process in order fix all the upcoming bugs and glitches in the system.

Key Management System

Mr. Hozle also announced a Key Management system feature in Google Cloud Platform which has been exclusively designed only for managing the encryption and decryption keys in the cloud platform.

Key Management System

It allows the admin to generate, use, rotate, destroy, and modify the symmetric encryption and decryption keys of all the system. It is also a plus point that now they can manage the multiple encryption keys without any use of hardware security module needed for or having an installation for the on-site key management system.

It is an extremely helpful solution made for physical key management system and for a security point of view. Moreover, it is really simple, easily and user-friendly.

Chip designed for Hardware authentication

Google Cloud has designed a new micro controller chip named as ‘Titan’ that has been exclusively built for hardware authentication of the users which are developed as a function in a part of company’s layered infrastructure.

Chip designed for Hardware authentication

The main motive behind designing this chip is to establish the hardware core of both machines and their peripherals united. Titan is a unique addition to Google Cloud’s Infrastructure for the secure identification, authentication and limited access to specific people via hardware system.

Security Key addition

The G-Suite system is also updated with Security key management system which is involving a 2-step verification system in it. This security feature is also available for Google Cloud Platform users as well. It lets admins force users to use security keys as the two-step verification factor when signing into either service.

Security key induction

Similarly, other features of G-Suite named as Google Drive, Google Groups, etc are supported by Google Vault now which has made some strict policies, made legal restrictions and also perform random searches along the Google drive, mail section and groups as well.

The whole strategy behind this launching is a long-term process and company is already planning to offer several other services as well in business edition.

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