How to grab maximum customers for your Ecommerce store site?

ecommerce website

It does not matter that you already have your online and e-commerce store website from some time or you have stepped into the adventure of the e-commerce development services business. Your client won’t be attracted to you if your e-business does not seem to be appealing. This is the time of very tough competition because th...

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How to maintain good conversion rate on e-commerce website product pages?

e-commerce website

People are shopping online through e-commerce website now more than ever. According to an authentic study, 69% of the adults who are well versed in internet usage shop online at least once a month. However, the conversion rate for e-commerce websites and stores is often very low. The...

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Google Cloud ’17 has surprises the Cloud Security World

Google cloud

So, you are the customer of Google Cloud Platform or G-Suite. Listen! There is good news for you as Google has recently maximized its security options to the next level. On Thursday 9th March 2017, the company announced various updates and modifications for their cloud computing system. One of the most highlighting ...

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What you must know to keep yourself updated on web development technologies in 2017?

web design and development services

Every other day is preceding towards the advancement of web design and development services. Similarly, in 2017 the world of web development technology will be going to face newest trends and techniques in cutting-edge web technologies daily. It is really important for students and professionals in I.T and web design and development services fiel...

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5 Key Security Concerns With Mobile Payments You Can Face

Mobile Payments

There is absolutely no denying the fact that mobile payments are incredibly easy and convenient. Many shoppers go out with their cell phones available in their pockets and purses so there is no need to carry a wallet stuffed with cash, receipts, and cards. Several banks facilitate mobile shoppers with optimized websites and custom apps allowing u...

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Google Photos Comes Out With New Advance Features For Editing

google photos

  It’s not been more than a month since Google updated its (Google photos) application for the android devices and recently the biggest search engine just announced the brand new update is ready for download. So the new updates are regarding some big time improvements related to edits, and for those who want to enjoy  better and advanc...

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How To Make Your Seasonal E-Commerce Business More Profitable In 2017

e-commerce development services

Like everybody else who thinks of changing, evolving and getting better with the start of a new year, you must also be thinking how to improve your e-commerce development services and business in such a way, so the business prospers even more in the coming year. And for that, you would not have to repeat the things you did this y...

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5 Key Questions About Latest Google Pixel Mobile Application Framework

mobile application framework

With the innovation in technology and gadgets, Google has introduced a great improvement, especially in the mobile application framework. It helps the users to enjoy smooth and easy access to various applications. Google has again hit the headlines by unveiling the new smartphones on October 4. These phones are named as The Googl...

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How We See Google Glass Around The World


Google Glass is as common as a Tesla motoring down the 101 here in Silicon Valley, but it’s a novelty only read about through media outlets in most of the rest of the world. Sophia Dominiguez knew that novelty was wearing off fast in our city by the Bay, so the 22-year-old recent NYU grad says she decided to take Glass where most people had nev...

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10 facts about mobile users and mobile websites

    1. By 2015, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Gartner. 2. Smartphones and tablets owners already spend more time on their mobile devices than PCs. 3. By 2017, there will be one mobile device for every person on earth. The mobile era has arrived. 4. Mobile searches have grown by 40...

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