Steps To Follow While Making Search Engine Friendly Custom WordPress Theme

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Before you start making your WordPress website SEO friendly, you should know this that the quality of your content is paramount.

Everything else is just making it more appealing, easier for people and search engines to access it and putting it to function of what you want your visitors to do once they read it.

In order to make your WordPress theme customization services more search engine friendly, you website content must be informative, educative and entertaining.

1. Speed up your WordPress theme

Before doing anything with your WordPress theme customization website, you should first create a child theme.

You’ve to put a little plug-in that does this in one click.

After you do this try to make your website fast as it can be.

speed up your wordpress theme

You can do this by following performance best practices, by adding a couple of .htaccess speed hacks and subscribing for a CDN.

WordPress theme customization services company speed makes your website more usable, so your visitors tend to stay longer, which can increase conversion rate.

2. Optimize your WordPress website development Architecture

Website or Information Architecture is something you’ll have to think through before you start creating your first content.

Think which categories you want to have and try to stay below 10.

The goal of optimized information architecture is to have nicely categorized and symmetrical pyramid, so content is evenly distributed across your website.

Optimize the WordPress website Architecture

Every page should be, ideally, accessible through only one URL.

WordPress theme customization services use archives and taxonomies which will make this task hard for you.

Fortunately, using WordPress SEO plug-in you will be able to define canonical pages and also those you don’t want search engines to index at all.

3. Optimize the WordPress theme customization Tags

Tags and Meta tags are used to further label websites.

Search engines use them to determine what your WordPress theme customization service is about.

Optimize the WordPress theme customization Tags

They present good pointers for search engines and people, likewise.

Your keywords should always be present in the title,  Meta description, and alt tags.

Title tags

Ideally, your title tags should be in between  65 to 70 characters long, but don’t follow this blindly. You can go well over 70 characters if that’s what it takes to explain what the page is about but it will be good to remain in the limit of search engine guidelines.

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Header tags

Header tags (H1…H6) are important to search engines and mostly up to H3 used usually.

Header tags help people read and remember your content much easier.

How To Make Search Engine Friendly Custom WordPress Theme from Nexstair Technologies

Meta description

The Meta description is used by search engines for crafting result pages.

It’s good practice to make your Meta description relevant to your title and content in between 150 to 160 characters.

Image attributes

Your website will contain images and photos for easier understanding your content.

  • Search engines learn about images through:
  1. Alt tags
  2. Image filenames

4. Use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in

Your pages and posts will carry the most of your content and it’s important to have them optimized.  In perspective of your custom SEO friendly WordPress theme plugin will take care of the following:

Use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in

  • Page analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Meta & Link Elements
  • Sitemaps
  • RSS optimization
  • Social integration (Facebook Open graph and Twitter Cards)

5.  Right Design for your custom WordPress theme

Nice design certainly helps in creating a pleasant ambient for your visitors.

One thing to remember is that you cannot go wrong with clean, unobtrusive and simple.

wordpress design theme

Do add using best practices to this custom WordPress theme website.

Since typography is 90% of design, it’s important you pay special attention to choosing the right font and making it easy to read.

The more readable your posts and pages are the more usable and likable your WordPress website becomes.

6. Social Sharing

Search engines take into account every upvote and share your website gets. Make easy for people to share your stuff. There’s a number of plug-ins that will allow you to add social buttons to your posts.

Social Sharing

Making your WordPress theme customization services SEO friendly has become so much more than doing basic, technical SEO stuff. Search Engine Optimization is everything you do in order for your website to perform better with search engines, but also with people and that’s why SEO means so much more than what the acronym stands for.

A big part of SEO is Conversion Rate Optimization and CRO is what you should be focusing on.

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