15 Facts you should know before recruiting a Professional Web Designer

Professional Web Designer

A professional web designer can be one of the most difficult hires for you. The reason behind its difficulty is that he or she is the person behind the making of your brand’s or companies virtual face. The web designer job is to make you interact with the prospective customers virtually. So, it’s really important for you to hire the best talent in the first place because wrong hiring would hurt your business, profits, reputation which would eventually waste your time and money to seek a replacement. Today we will discuss 15 amazing tips to remember before recruiting a professional web designer.

Tip # 1: Look into their ambitions, characteristics and best expertise carefully

Before hiring and during the initial interview it is most important to see that what is the motivation behind the person to learn web design. What is the driving force behind them? What makes them determined, persistent and curious for their field? How do they manage deadlines and manage the time? What is their main expertise which makes them stand out from others? Do check their last professional website design company’s experience as if they were working for a financial institution than a startup won’t suit them at all

Tip # 2: Start with giving them a small task or project

Whether you have checked their previous work samples or not, do give them a test task or a small project with a deadline. It is recommended to give them each and every small detail related to the project so you can well observe the person and have additional information about the candidate as well. This will show the ultimate efficiency of the candidate and how much time he or she takes to deliver the project. It helps to cover all of the aspects mentioned in the web designer job description.

Tip # 3: Hire the person with diverse aptitude rather than having a particular skill set

As a professional web designer, you have to update all of your tech skills every two years in order to compete with the others. It is much better to hire somebody who has a diverse background of a different skill set instead of being an expiring expert in any single technology. The desired person should be adaptable to the new technologies and have a keen interest towards it. The easiest way to judge a person for this purpose is to ask about his or her programming language skills. What are the tips and tricks they use to learn them? And what resources and conferences are they interested in regarding webs designing and web development?

Tip # 4: Don’t ask many detailed questions about programming

Here we have shown some of the simple questions that should be avoided at any cost during the interview or during the whole process. Like who is the creator of HTML, when PHP and CSS were created? When was grid designing in UI started?

professional web designer

The interview and whole hiring process should focus towards the open-ended questions. In this process, you can check how well they can communicate and justify their answers. Like they can answer as a professional web designer how they manage the editing parts and web conflicts? Which design patterns are trendy these days and why?

Tip # 5: Skill of making Responsive is MUST

The growth in different mobile devices, smartphone, tablets etc have given much rise and opportunities for mobile app designers. It is now very essential for anyone who wants to run a mobile-friendly business website so that they can fetch prospective clients and browse the relevant information.

professional web designer

Due to this it fact, it is really important that you hire the person who is aware of the responsive design of the website and mobile application as it is the dire need of the time. Social media high usage has also brought more competition to the whole scene and really important for the responsive usage because it can easily adjust to the different screen sizes.

Tip # 6: Knowledge of SEO is really important

People usually go online search for different types of information and this means that your company needs a very strong online presence. Many users need to carry out searches before they make a successful purchase.

professional web designer

Your business designed website needs to be ranked on the first page of search results. Web sites represent companies and have the ability to determine whether or not users will be receptive to them. So it is important for you to hire any professional web designer who knows at least the basics of SEO and its ranking. It really helps to understand that how the keywords, content, and links work together for the better search results and high ranking among the others.

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Tip # 7: Have a really good understanding of UI design

It is highly recommended to hire such person who is having a good understanding of usability. Ask them about the usability that will help you understand the company’s focus and main objectives. Ask them about the company’s motives so that they may build a site that they like or one that you like but that visitors find confusing or difficult to use. For this purpose make them understand that you want web designers for small business and middle organizations that think at the highest level of having a user-centered design. The best people working in the web designing field today will tell you when you have to mention the usability. It will be a very knowledgeable question for them if they didn’t know it before and can share their opinions and experiences regarding this.

Tip # 8: What the web designer can do to make revenue from the website?

There are numerous ways that a web designer can offer and do to monetize an existing website or make money from it. Like if he or she knew the strategy behind Affiliate Marketing, selling different ads spaces on the website, pay-per-click advertising methods,  sponsored tags, and articles for the prospective visitors, etc. These basic things are expected from the today’s professional web designer to have. It’s not necessary that much knowledge about it but at least the basics of it.

Tip # 9: Skills regarding the project management

It is very important the web designer should himself know how to manage the project themselves within the deadline and all the relevant reporting techniques.

If they are working or leading the team then they should be sure about other’s day-to-day tasks and they should know that they alone are accountable for the whole team so it requires a high level of leadership skills.

Tip # 10: Does the web designer have similar work examples as you want?

You should ask the web design and development company for examples of different websites with similar goals and features. Talk to people who can show you one and ask different questions regarding it. This is the way, in which you can ask why it was built in a certain way or not, what were the challenges during the whole designing part, what results have been measured, and how those results met according to the expectations of the project’s goals.

Tip # 11: What is your approach when I want you to change the initial design?

Obviously, the professional web designer should be positive towards the criticism and should note all of the changes you want to make in the design and do accordingly. If he or she feels that it does not look appropriate then they should tell you this in the first place and come up with something else.

Tip # 12: Knowledge of CMS is MUST

It is really good that you use coding and you are really expert in it. But sometime client demands different and you have to work on a very short deadline with minimal designing then what to do. Coding from scratch requires time and efforts. So, your web designer should know how to manage and design a CMS (Content Management System) website. CMS based websites in WordPress or in Joomla are really good and have many extensible features to have.

Tip # 13: How do you find that project should be outsourced?

The approach towards here should be like that the deadline should be realistic. If the company has some existing projects and if there are no resources to cater more projects at the moment then once can surely outsource it with the suitable terms and conditions.

Skills regarding the project management

Tip # 14: Look into their communication skills

The communication skills should be bold and positive enough. The negotiation skills should also be of expert level and it counts a lot when working in a team.

Tip # 15: How is their client dealing (if needed?)

If at any time, it is needed that a professional web designer should directly interact with the client then they should be well aware of it.

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