5 Incredibly Useful html responsive design Tips for Small Businesses

html responsive design

If you do not have any dedicated and well designed responsive website for your small scale business, then you are in great danger to fall behind the competition. You might build a great fan base on Facebook, sharing small bits of compelling content on Twitter, and posting eye-catching images on Pinterest. But working without any centralized mediu...

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How To Rectify Basic WordPress Errors And Its Solutions

basic wordPress Errors

WordPress is an easy platform to use on your site . In spite of that some little things which can make you puzzle. If you are new to WordPress or just a beginner then you should know about these basic wordPress errors and how to get their solutions . The good thing is that these mistakes are already reported by someone and resolved. The purpos...

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The Ultimate Guide why You Need A Responsive Word press Website

best responsive Wordpress themes

It is quite obvious, that today’s world belongs to mobile technology. Because now almost every person is taking advantage from cell phones due to its easy access, personalized and updated features. Before we proceed further, let’s have a look at some statistics related to mobile overall global usage. According to ...

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How To Use WordPress Sign In This Is What Professionals Do

wordpress sign in

The Wordpress Admin Panel works just like the brain which controls your website.Wordpress sign in is the key to access backend. Wordpress is one of the easiest CMS (content management system) greats on the subject of a platform mostly concerned. The quantity of clients continues growing every day and the platform has been set up on in excess o...

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How We See Google Glass Around The World


Google Glass is as common as a Tesla motoring down the 101 here in Silicon Valley, but it’s a novelty only read about through media outlets in most of the rest of the world. Sophia Dominiguez knew that novelty was wearing off fast in our city by the Bay, so the 22-year-old recent NYU grad says she decided to take Glass where most people had nev...

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