How to maintain good conversion rate on e-commerce website product pages?

e-commerce website

People are shopping online through e-commerce website now more than ever.

According to an authentic study, 69% of the adults who are well versed in internet usage shop online at least once a month.

However, the conversion rate for e-commerce websites and stores is often very low.

The website conversion optimization often ranges from 1% to 5%, according to different researchers.

So, it is really important for any online business to convert even 1% of its visitors for making most of the sales and higher rates possible.

If you have decided to increase the number of visitors you convert successfully, then start considering the following steps in your e-commerce website development to make it happen.

Do offer free or low shipping charges for particular purchases

Pricing details make the customer excited and extra shipping charges makes them upset

When customers see pricing details on a product, they get excited about how little it’s going to cost them.

But once they get to check out and see how much the shipping is, they may get offended from making a purchase.

It would help in increasing the conversions

By providing free or lower shipping charges for certain shopping carts, you will be going to see an increase in conversions and it is one of the best SEO optimization tips.

 Sheplers case study for increasing the conversion through this technique

Sheplers is a renowned website that sells cowboy boots and western apparel.

A research for done for this purpose that why their sales were declining in Texas.

It was only because of the extra shipping costs, so then company reduced and waived shipping charges for a specific time period and for various categories on the e-commerce websites.  

 Sheplers case study

In just four days of running this experimental change, Sheplers saw a 20% increase in the sales and 48% new customer’s engagement.

Do send a Shopping Cart Reminder about being Abandoned

Nearly 69% of the different online shopping carts are abandoned.

So, it becomes a basic reason of customers lacking interest in your website which sometimes becomes a mess even for best e-commerce website builders.

Solution for this Problem

To solve their abandoned shopping cart issues, it is really important for a brand to shoot and email about shopping cart recovery emails to their prospective customers within 30 minutes of the carts of being abandoned.

 e-commerce websites

By implementing this powerful strategy, the e-commerce websites are able to recover 7.9% of sales that would have been lost.

Create an exciting Deals and Promotions Page

One of the best policies is that when any e-commerce web development company creates a page on their website explaining that they don’t even offer discount codes but also takes the opportunity to outline how they have a price-match policy.

They explain the scenario of competitive low pricing, free shipping on certain purchases, a rewards program, and an exceptional customer service.

Example of Stellar Company

After launching this customized page thing, the company usually receives 21,000 visits and $1.58 million in sales increases.

twitter feed

It overall affects your sales and helps in increment of your conversions.

Put variations in your e-commerce website’s Call-To-Action Button

An online shopping can end up being a trouble rather than being worthy for their customers sometimes.

Example Scenarios:

  • Like sometimes entering their credit card numbers and shipping information takes much time.
  • Again and again filling the sign-in forms or accounts is frustrating.
  • If the website is not much responsive than shopping through the small screen of the mobile device is much difficult and the blame is upon e-commerce development services.

Insound Case study for modifying the Call-To-Action Button

Insound is an online record store. Some time back they were having a problem of not having more converted customers on their e-commerce websites.

The problem found out was that on every page of the checkout process, the call-to-action button was showing “continue.”

Customers didn’t understand when they would finally be done, so they started giving up on this e-commerce website.

By modifying it and putting “continue” on the last page, sales increases up to 8%.

Suggestions for Call-To-Action Button

  • The call-to-action button should be very unique.
  • Avoid using these words like “review order,” “next page,” “check out here,” as it frustrates the customer by showing some kind of continuation.

    Present Right content to Right customers

Your e-commerce store is going to be successful from the start if you are not attracting your target audience.

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Present Right content to Right customers

You cannot expect anyone and everyone to love your business; instead, you want to find your particular niche and target market.

Beardbrand Case Study to make attractive content for their target audience

Beardbrand created a suitable and amazing content that played into changing their overall brand story and image.

It included photos on their e-commerce website of what their customers might look like, and alongside they kept the content and storyline consistent across all of the marketing platforms and advertising campaigns.

Today, after the utmost hard work of e-commerce website development of a company, the successful e-commerce business is making an average $120k per month in online sales.

What do you need to do through effective Content Marketing?

  • The Content marketing or an inbound marketing is one of the most crucial parts of an e-commerce website for building brand awareness with your target audience.
  • So, one should write blog posts, create animated videos, post amazing photos, and produce effective and well-researched content for social media that plays into what your brand is all about.

An E-commerce Expert, Paul Graham said “You cannot wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are. Go there and drag them back to your store.”

Don’t forget to add the Customer reviews of the product

You know yourself that you own one of the greatest companies but customers won’t always take your word for it.

They would rather prefer the reviews and opinions of other customers too.

  • According to a study by E-consultancy, the 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision.
  • Similarly, another study by a well-known brand found that honest reviews lead to an average 18% increase in online sales.

Express Watches Case Study on adding Customer reviews on an e-commerce website

A well-known e-commerce website named as Express Watches introduced a widget called as “Trust Pilot” for increasing the sales on their website.

Customer reviews on an e-commerce website

It really helps in showcasing the honest reviews of each product on the separate product pages of the website.

It helped in increasing the sales up to 58%.

What you need to understand about Customer reviews on your e-commerce website?

  • Always make sure that you give customers the chance to leave you reviews and showcase your best skills on website/page.
  • If your customers’ logs into your website make sure they use them to leave reviews so they can be claimed as trustworthy and loyal customers.
  • It is better to add their names and happy photos along with it. By incorporating the photos of satisfied customers on your e-commerce website, you will see the conversions jump.
  • Similarly, you can also add the professional photos that you take of your customers and let customers upload photos of them using your products. For this purpose, social media platforms integration would help much.

Case Study of High-rise for increasing the sign-ups for their product

A renowned CRM called Highrise amazingly increased the sign-ups for their product.

The difference between the two is that the new landing page included a photo of a smiling woman and a quote from her defining how happy she was with Highrise’s products and services. This strategy made by e-commerce SEO Company helped Highrise to have an increment of approximately 102.5% in their paid subscriptions and value.

Improve the load-time of your e-commerce website

There are different researches and studies behind find out what is the main effective load –time for websites.

Experts have also claimed that 50% of the deficiency in the conversion is caused due to the delay in loading time of websites.

load-time of your e-commerce website

An authentic research study found out that lowering the loading time of e-commerce website’s page from 8 seconds to 5 seconds resulted in an overall increase in the page value by 18%.

Those e-commerce websites having large photos can easily take 4 to 8 seconds to load, but if some modifications can be done on a basic level then this can be improved well.

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