Latest Google updates will make or break your SEO expert services


Google is always busy improving their search algorithm and results from pages thoroughly. Similarly, we would be seeing a lot in our plates in upcoming 2017 as they have confirmed that there would be the first index of results and websites to be focused eliminating the annoying advertisements and pop-ups which you have to suffer while keeping the website page to load.

There are many other changes and innovation for SEO expert services and coming through their way which would eventually make their rank higher in Google search engine. Let’s have a deep look into it.

1. Page Loading Speed

The speed of your website should already be a priority for improving the user experience of your customers or clients because many people don’t have the patience to hang around for more than 3-4 seconds waiting for your website to load.

Page Loading Speed

More and more traffic is coming from mobile devices these days and those using mobiles to browse are usually on the go and don’t like waiting around for a page to load. A research has revealed that 40% of shoppers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load; so, if your website doesn’t load quickly enough, then you’re going to miss out on potential customers as they head off to your competitors.

Google already has a couple of tools to help test and improve your website’s page loading speed which is a strong indication of its importance to the search engine.  There’s also a mobile usability report within the Google Search Console. Further the project named as Google Accelerated Mobile Project helps the publishers to enable their pages to load quicker on mobile devices.

2. Local results in Google search engine results

Local results have been made more prominent in Google search results last year in 2016 and this will also increase and keep going into improvement this year for SEO expert services. This is especially true considering that more people use the search engine on their mobile than desktop these days and that nearly one-third of all mobile searches include a location.

Local results in Google search engine results

This means it’s more important than ever for your business to have Google My Business for setting up so that your business name can appear for local searches.

Even if your business is global and if you have local offices, users will be searching for these, so it’s important to have them separated out and indexed correctly too. Ensure that the information in your Google My Business listing matches your Name, Address and Phone Number on your website and in other local citations around the web. This will give strength to your listings and will help your website to rank better for local searches.

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3. Snippets for search queries

Google is displaying more featured snippets for search queries these days and we expect these to increase in by the last of this year 2017, with an increased number of marketers learning how to get their sites featured.

They appear above the organic results with a link to the source, so essentially it’s better than having the number one result for that search query and the queries that bring up featured snippets are questions, so not necessarily the keywords you’d expect to convert.

4. Mobile-First index methodology

Mobile-based searches have been increasing for a number of years now and they will not stop in this year 2017 as well. Google will soon be making their index mobile-first, meaning that desktop will no longer be their priority because Smartphones would be the ultimate target.

mobile indexing

This means it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have a mobile-optimized version of your business website or not if you want to feature prominently in Google.  A site that the search engine thinks is mobile-friendly will have a responsive design, be quick to load, be clear to read, easy navigate on mobile devices and will not force the user to zoom to see any of the content so all of the SEO expert services should focus on it.

Google has a handy mobile-friendly test tool that can tell you whether or not your website is optimized for mobile and even provides tips on how to improve it.

5. Pop-ups Will Hurt Your Rankings

From this year 2017, Google has started to penalize the websites with those annoying and irritating pop-ups, starting with mobile websites.


And according to a research by end of  August this year, 85% of all pages in Google mobile search results will have a motile-friendly label which means that the majority of results have content on the page that is readable on mobile devices without the need to zoom in.

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