Key Benefits of having a Custom WordPress Theme for Blogging in 2017

wordpress theme customization

WordPress theme customization is not only confined to blogging but it’s best for content management system (CMS) as well. Due to its extensive features, many businesses have chosen its powerful characteristics for different promotion strategies such as on website, E-commerce platform, social media platforms, etc.

It makes custom WordPress customization, the best choice for Blogging in 2017. Following are some of the key benefits of WordPress theme customization in the Blogging world.

Easy user handling

The handling of WordPress blogging website is really easy and friendly which makes it popular among various audiences.

If someone is unfamiliar with CMS systems or haven’t use any of them even then No Problem!

Easy user handling

It is only an administration task, not much than that. The user interface is very simple and clear, quick in uploading and plug-ins are very simple to use with minimal efforts.

It eliminates the dependence factor on web designers and makes it really simple to modify by just logging in, editing and removing whatever you want with simple one or two clicks.

One can easily upload his or her blog just by uploading it through a Word document; you don’t need to write it all.

Similarly, multiple bloggers can use one website for their blogging purposes as well which makes it really preferable for a blogging team.

Quick installation

One of the best characteristics of WordPress is that it allows having a simple installation process mostly with the one-click feature.

The major web hosting providers of WordPress are providing a complete guide to facilitate their users.

quick installation

It does not engage you in tiresome processes of downloading the installation files of WordPress and further engaging you in using a FTP server for uploading them as well.

It just allows you to check the hosting provider’s control panel and click on ‘Install WordPress’.

After some fraction of minutes, you would be able to see the live preview of the website.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

WordPress is not much friendly with Search Engine Optimization but its extensible plug-ins make it very easy to fix this problem through them. It helps to enhance the SEO features of the blog itself.


If you target is towards Search engine optimization and stuff like that so, WordPress blogging websites sites are the best options in 2017 for getting ranking as they are much preferred as compared to their competitors.

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It optimizes the separate pages, Meta tags, keywords, description, title, etc of the website automatically. Further enhancements and flexibility for the search engine optimization purpose can also be done through it.

Easy integration of blogs on different social media platforms

If you are using WordPress for blogging purpose then its built-in is very easy to integrate through WordPress theme customization because the user interface is much simple and clean.

Easily integration with social media

It’s very easy to add RSS feeds, mailing subscriptions, social media platforms etc to your website so, no need for extra coding. It makes the whole website more dynamic, engaging and user-friendly.


There’s no any software or technology which is 100% free from such vulnerabilities. Similarly, WordPress theme customization is much known for its security but definitely, it’s not 100% secure.


There have been only a handful of security exploits for WordPress over the years, especially when compared to some other website management systems, but sooner or later they were sorted out successfully. The WordPress experts share some valuable tips regularly over their blogs and websites to maintain the security level of blogs.

Variety of plug-ins

There is millions of WordPress plug-ins. It does not matter what you do or what purpose for your blog is. You would find the desired plug-in in that huge heap of extensible features and can use it for the benefit of your blog and business.

Variety of Plugins

It allows integrating social media websites, entering podcast, tracking and analyzing visitors on the blog, making your simple blog into an E-commerce website, etc.

Updates on wordpress

WordPress is an open source platform having a huge supportive community of web designers, developers, and bloggers who give constant suggestions for improvement, fixing bugs and feedback especially from the development community of WordPress theme customization services.


WordPress has been really concerned in past years to really improve the whole infrastructure in order to facilitate their users more and bring more cutting-edge technology in the market

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