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Many of the advertising techniques have been evolved in past decades due to technology and Facebook advertising through mobile app services has changed all of it. It is one of the most effective marketing platforms these days especially for marketers, developers, and designers in the world of mobile app development services.

There are some major reasons that make these ads so effective is their ability to achieve three key objectives for a mobile app.

  • Increased installs.
  • Greater engagement,
  • Higher retention rates.

Each objective presents a unique benefit to marketers in itself; however by achieving all three in a great job. Most of the app developers also achieve a much larger goal which is a higher ranking in the app store is included which also gives credibility to you mobile application design services.

Following are some of the main reasons that why Facebook advertising is most effective for mobile app promotion.

Mobile Ads in the News Feed Boost Downloads

The Facebook mobile News Feed is a constant reminder and presence in the day-to-day lives of different million people, and therefore it is the main focused choice of the leading mobile advertising companies.

It has numerous beneficial aspects like Mobile App Ads in the Facebook News Feed also shows the most engaging and active location on Facebook. It also features large images and social context to make it similar to the organic content placed on Facebook.

The combination of this original format and high-traffic placement results in the boosting up of downloads in the app development service

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For example, a research study showed that a reputed high-end organization gained approximately 2 million new installs and downloads after executing their Facebook Mobile Ad campaign which hugely increased their installation rate up to 11%.

Helps to increase the Custom Audiences & Deep link Engagement

Facebook allows the advertisers to create Custom Audiences data of Facebook users that have a relationship with the company or filled the sign-up form once or have installed any of their apps.

This strategy of mobile app feature helps to send them the newest features, news and latest apps by encouraging them to engage with the company or re-downloading the latest apps from the company’s  website store.

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It can easily start executing just by clicking any Call to Action buttons like Install Now or Play Now or Shop Now which directly links to the specific content of the website. These ads both re-engage dormant customers and boost in-app sales of active customers.

Focused Targets and improves Retention of Facebook mobile app services

The Facebook mobile app services advertising techniques offer incredibly precise targeting options to help the advertisers to pinpoint high-value audiences that will download an app for sure. They would keep it installed as well and make the purchases. Facebook targeting is 90% accurate in most of the respective scenarios of marketing.

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Similarly, In addition to targeting Facebook users based on their self-reported Location or region, Demographics, Likes, and Interests, app developers can tap into the third-party data to pinpoint groups like Engaged Gamers or New Device Owners.

Helps in making the Higher App store ranking

Google Play and Apple App Store different ranking algorithms work only upon all three of these factors which are as download volume, engagement, and retention. It naturally lifts all of these metrics of mobile app features which helps in resulting a higher store app ranking.

Facebook mobile app ads really work great for boosting numbers, but keep in mind that increasing downloads engagement. But apart from all of these aspects, the ultimate goal of your campaign should be to minimize the advertising costs which mean the cheaper installation and cheaper mobile ad engagement strategy.

Helps in making the Higher App store ranking

This mobile app feature also affects a lot by focused on targeted customers through demographics like location, gender, age, relationship status, the level of education, work, financial income & net worth, ethnic affinity, generation, whether or not they are parents, political preference, or certain life events.

Similarly, it also focuses on the interests and behavioral pattern of the targeted audience.


All of these above-mentioned features help us to understand the Facebook mobile app services advertising strategies but it can be improve more if we work out on the analytics and research portion which makes our audience easier to capture and effective.

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