To captain core social media you must know these 15 skills

social media skills

Social media marketing services job is one of the coolest job these days and almost every organization is hiring one whether for full time or part time. They need to juggle around and make sure that everything has been managed finely or not.

It takes a combination of having analytical, creative, marketing and a pinch of witty social media skills to stand out among other similar brands.

Today, we will be discussing some of the major 15 skills that would help you to captain the core social media services.

Strategy Planning

You will need to understand the big picture of what are social media skills.  How search, content and social media all work together. You will need to outline goals, define your target audience and know what platforms will help you scale your efforts.

As a social media marketer, you would need to see what is complicated you will need the right tools to do it at affordable rates and automate.

Execution Planning

A good and balanced tactical execution is the key to success for any social media optimization agencies day-to-day job.

This means you need to have attention to each and every detail or to understand who you need to hire to maintain day-to-day accurate execution of the required tactics.

Community Management

Social media marketing services are about all about creating, observing and responding to conversations within your brand community. One has to monitor the tweets, respond to Facebook posts and engage with brand advocates.

It even means knowing how to respond to mishaps and negative feedback. It’s all a part of PR and the job.

Community Management

Good understanding of how content works in social media world

Social media manager delivers and amplifies the core content, both from the brand and its community successfully. He or She needs to know what content works and what doesn’t on social networks according to the trend.

It also means understanding which different media formats such as articles, blogs, video, images, and podcasts would work with your particular niche.

They also need to know how to make content move and maybe even go viral across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the other social networks.

Good knowledge of search optimization of the content and technology

The social media services world is an ecosystem of search, mobile, and content. Making sure that you know how to guide a customer down sales funnel from discovery, engagement, following and finally sales requires some particular skill sets.

It also involves understanding the essential for optimizing content for SEO, so search engines will rank high for your keywords and phrases on Google. Similarly, converting the traffic when they hit your landing pages so customers register for webinars, download e-books and share your content on Facebook.

Creative social media skills

Social media marketing is not just about management and tactics It means an understanding of the creative process that provides creative content that engages with your customer and touches their hearts and not just their minds.

Don’t underestimate the importance of creative visual content and be willing to experiment. Artists are always pushing their limits off to come up with something out of the box.

social media skills

Exceptional Writing skills

Images are an essential on a visual web but great writing skills are one of the most crucial things to go with which includes the utmost art and science of headline writing with the engaging content and introductory paragraphs.

Similarly, it should have a good line of structure for the text so that it becomes easy to read online because people usually skim and scan through the text, so that means subtitles, bullet points, and numbering are all part of the skill set

Skills for the latest digital marketing trends should be on top

Social media is not just about the singularity. The social web is made up of different intersecting trends as it matures and evolves with the time.

This whole understanding includes the increased usage and role of Smartphones in our daily life.

Similarly, it also includes the importance of Facebook organic search thing and visual marketing done through Instagram and Twitter.

Strong Analytical skills

When social media started there were no tools to measure the impact of anybody’s campaigns and marketing initiatives on social media. There were no analytics tools on Facebook or Twitter.

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Now you can measure what works and what doesn’t in real time.

Today you can even measure sentiment due to strong embedded analytical tools with these social media platforms and with some other automated tools as well.

Strong Leadership and communication skills

Keeping the management informed, the team motivated and customers excited and engaged means knowing the exceptional art of communication.  This includes presentation skills both verbally and written.

A social media manager needs to manage things effectively! That means they need to be a leader.

Social media optimization companies need Organized & Efficient managers

We have all been so lost in the daily social media cycle that whenever we start watching any funny video on Facebook and then 30 minutes later, you realize that you have spent a bunch of time clicking around and getting no work done.

A good social media manager needs to be task- and goal-oriented to accomplish all the items on the checklist. So, just check yourself first that whether are you individually scheduling posts throughout the day or are you setting aside time to schedule in batches?

Adaptive to new environment

It is so important because the news and social media services world are moving so quickly that being adaptive is an important trait for a social media manager nowadays.

It’s not enough to be able to schedule posts. You should also be able to willing to try out new features and change up your posts to fit with what’s being discussed in the timeline.

The Twitter Trends sidebar and Facebook Trending sidebar are both useful areas to keep an eye on when looking for new content.

Conversely, it’s also a good idea to check a hashtag or news story before interjecting into it.

Copywriting skills are a plus point

In addition to a basic skill set for design, writing is also an essential skill for a social media manager.

You won’t be writing full-length articles but you should know how to write short copy that can grab your audience’s attention.

The ideal length of a Facebook post is of 40–80 characters so, do you copy write according to it?

Social media is conversation-driven so you don’t want to hire someone who is only familiar with writing marketing copy.

Sometimes the best ad is the one that doesn’t market at all but it is one of the best skill sets for the search optimization thing.

Exceptional Sales & Customer Service is like cherry on the top

If your sales and marketing funnel includes social media like it should, you will soon find that sales lead inevitably fall into your email inbox.

Make the sales lead transfer as seamless as possible by asking for the information up front instead of making them email you.

In addition, if you offer a product or service, you’ll find yourself troubleshooting at some point.

According to research when 34.5% of customers prefer social media as their customer care option, you need to be able to navigate them. Being able to provide empathetic care in a short, digital format is different from in-person customer service.

The social media manager should be able to clearly articulate a solution for the customer while making the customer feel heard.

Being Decisive is good in social media marketing services

In a role that involves speaking directly to a customer or client, you want to have some decision-making power resting in your social media manager’s hands.

If there’s a customer complaint about a meal that went wrong, give the manager the option to provide a gift certificate or any complimentary meal instead of it.

social media marketing services

Usually, Consumers expect that brands respond to messages in less than four hours. However, brands only respond to 11% of these messages and in about 10 hours.

This feature of social media management skills makes the whole brand stand out among other similar companies.

Brands certainly don’t want a customer to wait around in anger while you’re asking for supervisor approval.

If this is a common scenario, analysts recommend documenting this in your social media strategy. This will help everyone know how to offer the solution.

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