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There are several rules and principles of great designing skills but when it comes to a best design landing page for a website; it is almost an exact science and a definite theory on its backend.

It’s about customer-centered design or using the design of the existing landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action.

It’s all about the mind game that how to use it for coming up with a creative landing page designs.

One of the most important things while considering a bestselling website design is to find a unique selling point commonly known as USP.

It can be used for your particular product placed on the website or for your services.

Then your landing page creation would focus on the call to an action method. Like here you can add the user’s details or purchasing stuff and it can be used as a definite channel towards designing your best landing page examples.

Today we will be discussing some of the key points which should be considered while designing any of the landing page templates so that your wireframe design can be considered among best landing pages of 2017. So, try to incorporate these mentioned features into your design and have a look.

Encapsulated design with Simplicity

The first thing, a viewer sees on your website landing pages is its formation.

In best landing page templates, every item of the page is positioned beautifully and with appropriate dimensions.

The design is with enough clarity which shows encapsulation feature in it. Design should be made simpler, avoiding complexities.

Encapsulated design with Simplicity

Firstly, it should make the viewer understand that how the service would be used because it will make your work and message easier to incorporate to others.

They would be clear enough that for what reason they are signing up.

A specific paragraph surrounded by a neat box with a suitable contrast thing and encapsulated in it is enough to draw your attention towards something really simple yet attractive.

Clear and focused information

The information about the products or services should be clear, minimal and to-the-point. It should be in easy words describing what would happen next.

The textual information plays a critical part in conveying the information.

Similarly, the images with signs and messages play a great role in communicating with the audience fast rather than through text.


The Similar case goes with the icons which are mostly useful in-app landing page examples, titles and header bars which should also be interlinked in all the cases.

The designer should also know something about the psychology of the colors as it will help to add the suitable colors in the landing page creation.

Similarly, you can add a confident based statement on your website too.

Clear and focused information

These are statements elaborating your level of confident and trust your skills and services which also impress your target audience most.

It is not necessary to add them to the content but instead, it can be added as bullet points at the end of the page or under any specific picture.

It generally works more greatly as compare to other textual or image based information. Similarly, taglines beside the logo or under the main heading works the most as it elaborates your catchy heading with simplicity and gives a professional look as well.

Catchy headline should be added in landing page templates

Your headline is the very first thing that the website viewers will see and read.

So it’s really important that it should clearly describe what a visitor will be going to get the particular page and the given message should be strong enough to show the visitor that they are in the right place.

This means that a headline should be catchy, attention seeker and at the same time, it should describe what the product does or what services are being offered.

Catchy headline should be added in landing page templates

It should be so clear that there will be no confusion or doubts left.

Similarly, the main headings should be action based.

For example, this statement ‘Get your project started’ helps you to inspire in starting your project as soon as possible.

These simple 3 words have a sense of motivation in them which actually compels you to start right away.

Testimonials are MUST

It is essential to grab your viewer’s and audience’s trust.

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The viewers visiting your website will not believe you by just reading the text on your website.

This is a harsh truth but a fact that must be pointed out.

No matter what promises you make, your customers will believe others far more than you.

On one hand it explains the several benefits of the product or services; secondly, it also gives you a suitable exposure to hit different masses.

Trust plays a very important role to hit your target market.

Testimonials are MUST

Similarly, it acts as a sales pitch too for your landing page design inspiration.

Testimonials are not always in the textual form but it can also be created in a video explanation or in an interview form.

It creates a great impact. If you are not good with video making then you can use several available online apps for this purpose too to make the quality work.

Simple bullets should be used

Readability holds an important place in your landing page template.

Bullet points are good looking as well really easy to convey the necessary information easily.

Listing technique is useful while reading out something and it is a much stronger approach.

Simple bullets should be used

It breaks the content into pieces to give you a look of bigger picture by boosting your creativity and organizing or prioritizing your ideas.

It helps to highlight you the main idea of the content as well and one can easily scan the whole piece of information.

Social sharing option on responsive landing page templates

As the social media platforms have boosted so much and have changed the whole advertising and marketing techniques dynamically so it is best to have the social sharing options mainly for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc on every landing page.

Social sharing option on responsive landing page templates

It would give them an extra benefit of not copy pasting any of the content from your website to incorporate on their social media profile; instead, it would give those seconds to spread the content easily.

Guarantee and Validation works like cherry on the cake

You can see numerous guarantee based statements and different validations in the best landing page examples.

It is one of the best things to start with and it is the long-lasting approach when marketing your services or products.

Validation also plays an important role while describing your products and services to your viewers who can be turned into the prospective customers.

Guarantee and Validation works like cherry on the cake

You can show different authenticated reviews on your products and services from other people.

Similar other actions can also be done to show the validation.

Here the Quotes and logos derived from the big name industries and companies who have already established trust and the level/size of the company the product can handle your case effectively.

Add pinch of value proposition during your landing page creation

Whenever you design the landing page just make sure whether your design able to answer these two questions.

One, ‘What is it?’ and the second is ‘Why should I care?’

If both of these have been answered correctly then there is no need of getting worried that whether you have been able to convey the message properly or not.

Surely it would have been conveyed.

Similarly, the primary headline can explain what the product does, and the secondary header can explain the level of users so, whether it’s for the teams and enterprise companies or for anyone else.

  • Beside this, your main title acts as the main value proposition thing.
  • Use a very clear statement which completes the understanding of the purpose behind it.
  • It should be a catchy one so your reader doesn’t stop over there.
  • Grabbing their attention is the first step.
  • One thing which can also be used for the same purpose and that is Highlighting.
  • But it’s just to draw the attention towards a specific thing.

Footer should be adjusted suitably

The entire links in the footer of the landing page template, other than Privacy, are just distractions because in general, it’s just the repetition.

Footer should be adjusted suitably

Get rid of as many of them as possible to keep the conversion rate high as it would really help you to keep your audience engage in a suitable content.


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