5 Key Questions About Latest Google Pixel Mobile Application Framework

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With the innovation in technology and gadgets, Google has introduced a great improvement, especially in the mobile application framework. It helps the users to enjoy smooth and easy access to various applications. Google has again hit the headlines by unveiling the new smartphones on October 4. These phones are named as The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL. Before the Google make its announcements, the news was viral all over the internet, and the news circulated on almost every site.

The two new Phones contain amazing features and are available with 5.5 inch XL and 5-Inch Pixel display. They have better screen accompanied with best colors and display. These phones are available with the better and improved battery life with fast charging. These phones contain the best rear camera with 12.3 megapixels which captures every detail.

These phones are also integrated with upgraded software along with the Google Assistant which lets the user have fantastic searching experience. The Al assistant is a Google bot which will be available to assist the users in a more innovative way. The built-in tab will let the phone users to talk and avail the customer service through the Al assistant. It owns full resolution storage for the Google Photos.

However, all of these features are available on the Google device, and the appearance is similar to Apple iPhone. Until unless these are available in the market for testing and selling purposes, people and critics have raised many questions. There might be possible that these phones have unexpected downsides. Following are the big issues which demand a real answer.

1. How Will Google Assistant Contribute In Protecting The Privacy?

Mr. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google has made many speeches by introducing the details of the new software embedded in these phones. He also clearly explained the hardware. One of the great features Google added, is the Google Assistant. It is supposed to be very interactive and features great mobile application framework. The software is integrated with many features.

The user can ask many questions from the Google Assistant. Just tap your fingers and get as many answers you want. The Google Assistant is based on the AI. It learns from the mistakes and adopts the preferences. Google Assistant also determines your choices and will suggest accordingly. The whole design is incredible. You can watch the online videos for the better assistance.

The official video says that anything the user will share remains secure and safe. However, Google Team is still striving hard to make the experience more exceptional for the users. Just go deep and find out the specifications that how you will keep the data safe.

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2. What Is The Speaker’s Capability?

The Google has claimed that the lens used for the camera is the best embedded on any phone. However, the people are now questioning the ability of the audio. The trend towards the stereo speakers has been increased. The Nexus 6 and the 6P phones own the best firing speakers. So will the Pixel phones got the best speakers? Will they be able to be a competitor to iPhone 7?

3. Have You Heard About The Andromeda OS?

With all these latest features, mobile application framework also attains the Andromeda OS. It is a perfect blend of the Chrome and the Android system. You can conclude that the new phones own the hybrid OS system. However, it is just a rumor yet. However, the truth will be revealed as soon the phones will be launched and available in the market.

4. Why Round Icons In Pixel Launcher?

Most of the people have noticed that Pixel launcher have all the round icons. Why is that so? The Pixel and the Pixel XL look so much like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So Google wants to introduce something out of the box, and they do not want to stick to the standard Android look. This the reason Google has change the icon appearance.

Somehow Google showed an excellent uniformity in their designs and because of this reason the icons are round. Google is well known because of providing a sleek body and best camera on the smartphones but the competitor iPhone owns an excellent grip on the OS.

5. What Is The Trick In The Back Glass?

The new Pixel set is available with a fingerprint sensor, and the imprint is back dubbed. The imprint is made on the back side of the phone which is surrounded with a glass from the upper half. In addition to the fingerprint unlocking system, the user can also just swipe down the phone with a fingertip, and you will be able to see all the notifications.

There is no doubt that mobile application framework introduced by the Google is improved and more innovative in these phones. Google is leading in elegance and is in competition with iPhone.

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